Tuinbloggers bloeidag!

Galanthus elwesii - groot sneeuwklokje
Galanthus elwesii - groot sneeuwklokje, snowdrop
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Vorige maand vertelde ik al, waarom ik voortaan mijn bloeilijstje op de 15de in plaats van op de eerste dag van de maand laat verschijnen.

En vandaag is het dus weer ‘Garden Bloggers Bloom Day‘.

Vorig jaar op 1 februari kwam ik aan een lijstje van maar liefst 20 bloeiende planten, waaronder een paar toch wel onverwachte, zoals de tuinjudaspenning en het groot hoefblad. Tot gisteren was ik er van overtuigd dat ik dit jaar (en het is nu al twee weken later) weinig meer dan een handvol bloeiers zou vinden, maar gelukkig wilde de zon meewerken… (Mijn grootmoeder placht te zeggen: ‘Al wintert het in februari nog zo fel, we krijgen onze twee mooie dagen wel…’)

Hoewel in mijn tuin heel veel inheemse wilde planten groeien, is het aandeel van de ‘exoten’ en cultivars deze maand uitzonderlijk hoger dan normaal…

Crocus tommasinianus - boerencrocus
Crocus tommasinianus - boerenkrokus, snowcrocus
Zelfs de witte dovenetel die zich anders ‘altijd’ laat zien, bloeit op dit ogenblik niet.

  1. Bellis perennis, madeliefje (één knopje dat zich opent)
  2. Cornus mas, gele kornoelje (knoppen komen open)
  3. Corylus avellana, hazelaar
  4. Crocus tommasinianus, boerenkrokus
  5. Galanthus elwesii, groot sneeuwklokje
  6. Galanthus nivalis, gewoon sneeuwklokje
  7. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’, toverhazelaar (knoppen komen open)
  8. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’, toverhazelaar
  9. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Rubin’, toverhazelaar
  10. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Westerstede’, toverhazelaar
  11. Iris reticulata
  12. Iris reticulata
    Iris reticulata
  13. Matricaria maritima subsp. inodora, reukloze kamille
  14. Salix caprea, boswilg
  15. Taraxacum officinale, paardenbloem
  16. Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’

En dan zijn er nog een paar knoppen die zich wellicht in de komende dagen openen:

  1. Chaenomeles japonica
  2. Cyclamen coum

Welcome to the English speaking visitors

Last month I told, why I will – from now on – publish my ‘bloomlist’ on the 15th of the month, and not on the first day anymore.

Matricaria maritima subsp. inodora - Reukloze kamille, Sea Mayweed
Matricaria maritima subsp. inodora - Reukloze kamille, Sea Mayweed
And so today, it’s ‘Garden Bloggers Bloom Day‘ again.


Last year on February, 1st I had a rather long list of twenty blooming plants, and among them where a few you don’t expect that early, like Lunaria annua (Silver dollar? Annual honesty?) and Petasites hybridus (Butterbur).

Until yesterday I thought I would only find four to six different flowers today, but luckily we had some sun. (My grandmother used to say: ‘Even if in February winter is very cold, it will always give us two bright days’ – that makes a nice rhyme in Dutch, but not in an English translation…)

Although most plants in my garden are native wildflowers, this month – and that is rather exceptional – gardenvarieties make a larger part of my list than usual.
Even the white deadnettle, which I found blooming each and every month during the last two years, hasn’t flowers now.

Taraxacum officinale - paardenbloem
Taraxacum officinale - paardenbloem, dandelion
  1. Bellis perennis, Daisy (one bud is opening)
  2. Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry (buds are opening)
  3. Corylus avellana, Hazel
  4. Crocus tommasinianus, Snow crocus
  5. Galanthus elwesii, Giant Snowdrop
  6. Galanthus nivalis, Snowdrop
  7. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’, Witch hazel (buds are opening)
  8. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’, Witch hazel
  9. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Rubin’, Witch hazel
  10. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Westerstede’, Witch hazel
  11. Iris reticulata
  12. Matricaria maritima subsp. inodora, Sea Mayweed
  13. Salix caprea, Goat willow
  14. Salix caprea - Boswilg, Goat willow
    Salix caprea - Boswilg, Goat willow
  15. Taraxacum officinale, Dandelion
  16. Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’

And those buds will open on the next few days:

  1. Chaenomeles japonica
  2. Cyclamen coum
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32 thoughts on “Tuinbloggers bloeidag!

  1. Hi Anne, I love that saying by your grandmother, so full of promise! You have a wonderful assortment of witch hazels and others. That Viburnum is so sweetly scented, my neighbor has one that seems to bloom in the coldest part of winter. Lovely blog!
    Frances at Fairegarden

  2. Anne, You have an impressive list of beauties in your garden…and a few witchhazels that I am going to check out! So very glad to see the photo of a dandelion…they are important for those early bees! Gail

  3. Nice photos for the harbingers of Spring. I’m inspired to go look up those Witch Hazels you mention. It’s clear that we need to add addition Witch Hazels to dispel the length of winter 🙂

  4. Two bright days is surely better than none! Love your flowers, and especially those witch hazels. They are treasured here very much. Wonderful blog Anne!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog on bloom day. Is that pussy willow? How I wish I could grow that here in Texas. I grew it in St Louis and I still have some of the dried branches. I love it in a dried arrangement. I just bought some of the giant snowdrop bulbs this spring and it is called Leucojum here. I wonder if it is the same.

    1. Yes, it’s pussy willow… It likes to grow on a rather moist spot, so I can imagine it doesn’t like Texas….
      Leucojum is not exactly the same as Giant snowdrop. I think Leucojum is called Snowflake in English. In Dutch it is ‘Lenteklokje’ (Spring-bell), and not ‘Sneeuwklokje’ (Snow-bell), which indicates already it’s blooming a little later.

      Giant Snowdrop is an early bloomer, that can be blooming as early as December, or even sooner.

  6. daarnet heel mijn tuin afgewandeld en uitgeplozen.
    Met als resultaat mijn bloeilijstje voor vandaag, 15 februari:
    en een ravissante niemendal

    zelfs geen madeliefje.
    hoe triestig is dat nu wel niet! 🙂

  7. It seems to have been a long and hard winter everywhere Anne. We will appreciate the arrival of spring more than usual. Whereabouts in Belgium are you ? You have some lovely flowers in your garden. I have recently bought hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ and am delighted with her.

  8. @Godelieve: Ja, ik stond er eerlijk gezegd zelf verbaasd van…

    @Frances: Yes, those winter-blooming viburnums all seem to have a very sweet scent, and they bloom from late October till March, except when it’s freezing really hard.

    @Gail, MacGardens, tina: I do have a reahter large garden, at least to Belgian standards (7500 m², 1.85 acres), and so it’s possible to grow several witch hazels.

    @bart: En ik denken dat dichter bij de zee ook dichter bij de lente betekende. Of zijn de Vlaamse Ardennen dan zo hoog, dat dat het verschil kan maken?

    @Anna: I live more or less in the nord-east: somewhere between Antwerp and Hasselt…

  9. Hi Anne – Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I don’t think I’ve had any visitors from Holland before, that I know of anyway. 🙂 Love your February blooms, that shot of the snowdrop is really stunning. Dandelions already, huh? I need to get out there and see if they’re taking over my place yet! Happy Bloom Day.

    1. Karen, I’m afraid that if you don’t had visitors from Holland before, you don’t had them yet… I do speak Dutch, but around 55% of Belgians (the northern half, and most densely populated part, of our country) do so… (But I’m working in the Netherlands, so you weren’t completely wrong ;-)!)

  10. I like the quotation of your grandmother. I also prefer little and few things than nothing at all 😉 !!. Your flower list for this month is quite impressive. Here the garden is still snow covered.

  11. Hi Anne!

    That’s a very impressive list 🙂 I love your grandmother’s saying, though I think we’ve just had all of February’s allotted sunny days in one go!

    Thanks for stopping by at my place and it’s lovely to meet you!

  12. Beautiful pictures! The Iris reticulata is spectacular and I like the snowdrops as well. Two more plants I need to add to my garden. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  13. Hi Anne, I updated my blog list. Thank you so much for letting me know, I am always a bit unsure of locations and never know if I have them wrong unless someone tells me. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I probably have gotten it wrong more than once:( Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  14. Nee, hier ook nog niks (buiten wat viooltjes in de bakken). De crocussen tekenen zich wel al af tegen het gras maar ik denk dat ze nog wel even nodig hebben. De “bloemetjes” van de hazelaren ook wel, mooi al die varianten van knalroos… maar voor de rest vooral planten van Bart zijn lijst 😉 en bruin op sommige groenblijvers

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