Weerspreuken – Weather Lore

Vriezende januari, natte februari,
droge maart, regen in april,
is de boeren hunnen wil.

If January has never a drop, the barn will need an open prop
If in February there be no rain, it is neither good for hay nor grain.
March damp and warm, will do the farmer much harm.
April cold and wet, fills the barns best yet.
Cold May and windy, barn filleth up finely.

Als februari de muggen zwermen,
moet men in maart de oren wermen.

When gnats dance in February the husbandman becomes a beggar.

Februari kil en nat,
koren in ’t vat.

If February give much snow
A fine summer it doth foreshow.

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5 thoughts on “Weerspreuken – Weather Lore

  1. Lovely photo and fun bilingual weather lore! I don’t really know any of those, except I think in Iowa they say that the corn should be “knee high by the 4th of July.”

    1. I already knew several of these sayings in Dutch, but when I was searching for English weatherlore, it was nice to discover that several of the Dutch, had an English equivalent.

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